Outdoor Movies to Enhance Your Denver Area Summer

outdoor-movies-denver-areaIt’s my goal to be your best resource for South metro Denver real estate. As part of that, I wanted to share something I came across recently. This highlights one of the reasons we’re so lucky to live here :-).

Think of all the experiences that define “summer.” Are outdoor movies on that list? They are for me! If you’re like me, you have fond memories of hitting the drive-in theater with your folks as a young child. Or maybe your memories are of going there with your buddies as a teenager. There’s something so perfect about hanging out outdoors and watching a movie under the stars on a balmy summer evening.

The folks at 303Magazine.com have put together a list of more than 80 showings already scheduled for this summer. Not all venues had posted their complete lists by the time the article went to press. Bookmark the link so you can check back periodically. They have pledged to update the list as new information becomes available. Check it out here.

Post a comment to share your favorite outdoor movie memory (let’s keep those G- and PG-rated, please!) or share which screening you’re most looking forward to attending.

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