Up to $2,800 in Rebates from Xcel Energy


Xcel Energy, which provides natural gas and electricity to a large proportion of Colorado homes, is offering up to $2,800 in rebates. You’ll need to move quickly to take full advantage: some of the rebates expire on March 31.


Air Sealing and Insulation – Up to $1,850 in Rebates

According to EnergyStar, you could be wasting up to 20% of the energy used to heat and cool your home through air leakage and poor insulation. That’s about the same amount of energy wasted as leaving a window wide open all year long.

Xcel Energy offers the rebate to customers with a qualifying service type (gas only; gas and electric; electric only) and house type (gas heating; gas heating with no central AC; gas heating with central AC; and resistance heat). The rebate is then tiered based on those factors and the improvement(s) you make – air sealing, bypass sealing, or weatherstripping; attic insulation; and external-wall insulation above grade.

Be sure to check here for all eligibility requirements, rebate request process, and participating contractors. These rebates expire on March 31.

Furnace and EC Motor – Up to $850 in Rebates

EnergyStar also reports that heating and cooling account for almost half of the energy use in a typical home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes. By upgrading to a 95% efficient furnace, you can save energy and money.

Xcel Energy offers the rebate to gas and electric customers. The rebate is up to $750 for purchase and installation of a 95% efficient natural gas furnace, and $100 for an EC motor in a new or existing furnace.

You’ll find the eligibility requirements, rebate request process, and participating contractors here.  The rebates expire March 31.

Water Heater – Up to $100 Rebate

Earn a rebate on a high-efficiency natural gas or electric water heater that can help you save energy and money on the appliance that consumes nearly 20% of the energy in your home.

Xcel Energy offers the rebate to gas and electric customers. This rebate is a little different, because the deadline is July 31 of the year after the qualifying equipment is installed. It’s also different because you aren’t required to use a participating contractor; you can self-install and still qualify for the rebate.

You can find all of the details for this rebate here.

If Xcel is Not Your Gas or Electric Provider

Check to see if your natural gas and electric providers offer rebates  – the company’s website is a good place to start. Even if your provider doesn’t provide rebates, odds are good you’ll find a wealth of helpful energy-saving strategies.

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