Open the Door to Buyers with a Successful Open House

Open House

An Open House is a powerful tool for getting buyers to look at your home. But these events don’t necessarily work the way you might think. For example, in almost 15 years of holding Open Houses, I’ve only had one person walk in and immediately say “I want to buy this!” So…why bother?

Two Prime Reasons Why an Open House is a Valuable Tool for Selling Your Home

  1. An Open House draws extra attention to your home that it might not have had otherwise. They require extra marketing. Along with that comes a broader range of exposure.
  2. People who were thinking about setting up a showing to see your home with their agent will typically stop by if there’s an Open House. This can can be a very good thing especially if it’s drawn a lot of people. This often times creates a “buyer frenzy” and before you know it they’ve called their agent and are ready to write an offer.

Open Houses are good for real estate agents, too! From the agent’s perspective, an Open House is an excellent way to get exposure with people who are thinking about buying or selling. So all around they can work out for everyone.

This article from House Logic — “10 Tricks for Hosting an Open House that Makes Buyers Say OMG! Wow!” — offers some excellent pointers. A few things that I do differently:

  • I have 15-20 signs that I put up early in the morning the day of the Open House. That way, people driving by for the third or fourth time may be more inclined to stop by. I’ve found that the more signs you use, the more people you’ll get at your Open House.
  • Oh, and don’t worry, I bring my own cookie dough :-). All I need is your permission to use the oven!

Selling? Let’s Get an Open House Scheduled for Your House!

If you are ready to sell your home — or even if you’re just thinking about it — give me a call at 303-204-6494. I’ll review the best strategies for selling your home and will help you set the stage for a successful Open House!

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