Nine Home Decor Trends On Their Way Out in 2019

nine home decor trends out in 2019 all white kitchen slim range hood

Sorry, all-white kitchen…it’s time to say good-bye.
Slim, unobtrusive range hood, you can stay.

Spring is coming, and it’s the season many homeowners choose to refresh their home decor. As winter currently howls around us outside, who can blame you for wanting to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole and swoon over all of the pretty things to update your home? I just might be guilty of that myself!

Keeping up with home decor trends is key regardless of whether you’re thinking of selling your home or simply want to enjoy it more. If you’re selling, updated decor can have a huge impact on whether your home sells quickly or lingers on the market.

What’s Out, and What’s Coming In

Here’s a look at nine once-popular home decor trends that are on their way out in 2019, as well as what’s replacing them in the months ahead.

In the Kitchen

OUT: Granite. IN: Quartz.: This one took me a little by surprise. However, the reality is that granite requires a fair amount of upkeep, which many homeowners find to be a pain. Unlike granite, quartz is hard to kill. It can handle dishes straight out of the oven, resists stains, and requires zero maintenance.

OUT: Statement range hoods. IN: Sleek, unobtrusive range hoods. What are “statement” range hoods? You know them when you see them, LOL! We’re talking the big, room-dominating hoods. You know…the big French Country or Tuscan Villa ones. The trend now is for them to be less of a focal point. Like the one in the photo above, you’re going to start seeing hoods that don’t project quite so far into the room and that aren’t big architectural elements in their own right.

OUT: All-white kitchens. IN: Color, even in appliances. As much as I love a modern look, I have to agree that an all-white kitchen can look cold and unwelcoming. People are longing for a look that’s warmer and more reflective of their personalities. Prepare to see bright, bold kitchens complete with colorful appliances.

Lighting and Fixtures

OUT: Edison bulbs. IN: Pretty much anything else: These became popular along with industrial motifs, which have been out of fashion for several years now. I’m not really sorry to see them go. That lightbulb-at-the-end-of-a-string thing was seriously limiting in terms of décor. What’s coming in is literally anything else.

OUT: Rose gold. IN: “regular” gold. Yes, rose gold is luxe. But it often comes across as decidedly feminine. I suggest removing it from your main living areas. If you want to continue to use it, consider limiting it to items on the vanity in your master or guest bathrooms or on nightstands. In its place, consider “regular” gold in either a polished or brushed finish. This traditional material complements nearly any décor. Depending on how you use it, it can take prominence or happily play a supporting role.

Walls and Doors

OUT: Word art (especially on walls). IN: Wallpaper. In my opinion, word art – whether as a vinyl wall applique or framed and hung – is on a par with family photographs. They’re fine when you’re living in the home, but they can turn off potential buyers and prevent them from seeing themselves in the home. If you want your walls to make a statement, decorators suggest the judicious use of wallpaper. (Let’s be clear…no wallpaper borders, LOL! Those will *never* be back in.) Believe it or not, your powder bath can be a great place to use a big, bold wallpaper. Or consider using it on the back wall of kitchen cabinets with glass-front doors.

OUT: Sliding barn doors. IN: Conventional interior doors. Design mavens may disagree, but I say sliding barn doors still make a lot of sense in areas where space is tight or where a pocket door isn’t feasible. However, if you have enough space for the door to swing without impeding traffic or functionality, designers recommend choosing a standard interior door. That said, there are still plenty of attractive choices to match any décor.

OUT: Shiplap. IN: Walls that match the style of your home. With apologies to Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” this farmhouse look has been overdone. If you’re still a fan, consider using it on a feature wall rather than throughout an entire room. The main reason it’s on its way is out because there are only a few styles of architecture that truly support it and where it looks like it “fits”. The truth is, the majority of homes don’t have this type of architecture. Designers recommend studying the style of your house and making choices that harmonize with it – including choices about what to do on your walls.

Furniture and Fabrics

OUT: Chevron prints. IN: Round or rectangular geometrics. Chevron is a fancy word for zig-zag (like on Charlie Brown’s shirt). It’s kind of an “unfriendly” print that doesn’t like to play nice with much other than solid colors. Conversely, rounded and rectangular shapes are found in nature. (Think of fruits, vegetables, and trees.) For this reason, they tend to mix well with a wide range of colors and other prints without being visually jarring.


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