4 Key Ways I Help You Get a Great Deal When Buying a Home

key ways I help my clients get a great deal when buying a home

It’s a Great Time to Buy a Home

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve probably heard that now is a great time to buy a home. Not only are we seeing more homes on the market and lower prices (7 weeks of inventory and a 1% decrease in average sold price in July – REColorado.com), but also mortgage rates below 4%. According to MortgageNewsDaily.com, “2019 has been the best year for mortgage rates since 2011.” On Wednesday, August 14, rates for a conventional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage ranged from 3.625% to 3.75%.

How to Be a Great Buyer

I advise savvy would-be homeowners who want to take advantage of this favorable market to get pre-approved for a mortgage. (Be sure you’re getting pre-approved, not just pre-qualified – there is a difference, and it’s an important one.) You’ll also be more attractive to sellers if you can be non-contingent. This means you don’t have to condition your offer on the sale of your own home. And of course, it’s critically important to have a great REALTOR® working on your behalf. You want someone who is familiar with the type of property you want and who has a deep understanding of the local market. (Best of all is when it’s one – like me – who is among the 4% with the C.R.S. Certified Residential Specialist designation.)

How I Help You Get a Great Deal When You Buy a Home

Every homebuyer is unique, but I feel safe saying they all share these goals. NOBODY wants to:

•           Overlook a potentially great home;

•           Pay more than they should or lose out on their dream home; or

•           Get stuck with a problem property

When you buy a home with me and the JM Denver Home Team, our goals are for you to be:

•           CERTAIN that you had a chance to consider every appropriate property for your needs

•           CONFIDENT you paid the right price

•           SECURE in knowing you have a REALTOR® who will help you avoid problems and who can handle any potential hiccup in the process

To reach those goals, there are four key things I do:

  1. I get know you, my client. That means finding out what’s most important to you. Is it getting the lowest price? Is it more important to have certain inclusions or exclusions? Or maybe you’re more focused on getting your closing costs covered so you can spend that money on upgrades once you move in.
  2. I get as much information as possible from the listing agent. The seller’s motivation – relocation, divorce, downsizing, etc. — can affect how much they’re willing to negotiate. Let’s imagine a seller who has to leave for a new out-of-state job in two weeks. Your below-list offer may be more attractive than a competing full-price one, all because you can close in 10 days.
  3. I dig into the listing’s history. How many days has the home you want been on the market? How many price reductions have they done? This can help us to know if they’d be willing to go down further in price and what their next move may be.
  4. I put together a professional offer that is complete down to the details. Experienced seller agents can tell when a buyer agent is newer or inexperienced. They’re generally more approachable and flexible when negotiating with an agent they respect.

If It’s Time to Buy, It’s Time to Call Me

I’d be honored to help you become a first-time (or repeat) homeowner! Check out what my clients are saying about me, and then give me a call at 303-204-6494 to get started.

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