My Thoughts About Monday

Obviously, the news about the Boulder shooting on Monday was so sad. I try not to watch the news, though, because it deeply affects me and I tend to ruminate on the hows and whys and what those people must have gone through.

In fact, I didn’t let it really sink in until last night when I had to run into my local King Soopers for a few things. There at the front they had the display above with the photos, names, and ages of the people who lost their lives. That’s when it hit me. That’s when I started crying. You can learn more about who these people were here.

But I can’t just feel. I’m one of those people who needs to *do* something. I bet you are, too.

I am planning to donate to a few of the funds below. If you feel moved to make a donation, Colorado Public Radio has compiled a list of verified groups you can support. Be sure to see below for how I will match your donations.

The Colorado Healing Fund

Boulder County Crisis Fund

  • The Community Foundation Boulder County has created the Boulder County Crisis Fund ( to support both the people who were directly affected and the surrounding community. Any excess funds will go towards a general fund for future local crises.  The group is partnering with the City of Boulder, The Colorado Healing Fund and the Community First Foundation, among others. You can make your secure donation by clicking on the link above.

Verified GoFundMe Campaigns

Donations for the Family of Officer Eric Talley

I Want to Match Your Donation

To increase the impact of your generosity, I will match 20% of your donations made through April 1st to a maximum of $500 ($2,500 in donations x 20%). If you’d like me to match your donation, simply email me a copy of your donation receipt before the end of the day on April 3rd. Make sure the receipt shows the amount donated and the date of the donation. My email is

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