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Buying an Investment Property: Five Important Steps

Whether you’re retired or just starting out, having multiple streams of income is a wise strategy. It can offer protection against career surprises, stock market fluctuations, and other uncertainties. Real estate’s long-term return on investment makes it particularly attractive. According to the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, the average sold price of detached single-family homes […]

Let’s Talk About Fix-and-Hold Properties: Part 1

If you’ve watched HGTV or similar channels for any length of time, you’ve seen lots of programs devoted to “fix-and-flip” properties. Today I want to introduce you to the idea of a “fix-and-hold” property. How is a Fix-and-Hold Property Different from a Flip? Both fix-and-hold and fix-and-flip properties have this in common: you won’t be […]

Getting Preapproved for a Mortgage: The Top 5 Documents You’ll Need

“Which documents do I need to get preapproved for my mortgage?” I get that question a lot. One reason is because there are at least seven different types of mortgage loans. Who knew, right? Types of Mortgage Loans The types of mortgage loans include: Conventional – These are standard mortgages for borrowers with strong credit […]