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Five Fixes for Top-Dollar Sales

Updated flooring throughout the main floor can help you get top dollar when you sell. Source: Pixabay contributor Midascode Every week – and some weeks, every day – I get questions from homeowners about what remodeling they should do and what fixes they should make to their homes to get top dollar when they sell. […]

Tips for Water-Wise Landscaping in Colorado

Drought-tolerant plants can still pack some serious flower power! Source: Denver Botanic Gardens, Roads Water-Smart Garden Now that spring has officially begun, many homeowners get excited about making their yards beautiful. We eagerly thumb through magazines, spend hours poring over Pinterest, and lurk in the local garden center. How do I know? I’m guilty of […]

Allergy Relief Begins at Home

For many Americans, spring equals allergies. Itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, congestion—it can be enough to make you want to skip the season altogether. But with these five steps from DIY Network, you can help reduce allergens in your home and find a brief respite. Remove clutter: Less stuff means fewer places for allergens […]

Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Our amazing weather has me bubbling with ideas and plans for sprucing up my outdoor living spaces! Are you feeling it, too? I came across a surprisingly great resource I want to share with you: the Costco Connection magazine. If you’re a Costco member, you receive the magazine in the mail, but it’s also available […]