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I love answering your real estate questions!
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Answering real estate questions is a big part of my job, and it’s a part I really enjoy. Here are some questions clients and prospects have been asking lately:

Q: I’m doing some spring cleaning and want to throw stuff out. Do I need to keep all of this paperwork from when we closed on our house? 

A: I would keep your Warranty Deed (this proves you own the house), the Deed of Trust (this is what you need in case you decide to stop making payments…call me before then!) and the title policy. If you bought or sold a home with us, we likely have an electronic copy of these documents and you can contact Amy for a copy:

Q: Is it worth it to pay for a low deductible homeowner’s insurance policy? 

A: If experience is worth anything, I’ll tell you mine. I typically get in an auto accident twice a year (not my fault!), so I keep the lowest deductible I can on my auto policy. However, I’ve only had to make one homeowner’s claim in 14 years of home ownership. I left a pot of beans on the stove and caused a really stinky smoke fire. Eeek! My husband still hasn’t let me forget about that one. I personally feel that the likelihood of having to make a homeowner’s claim is relatively low and would say a higher deductible is probably a better route to go.

Do you have questions about real estate in the
Denver metro area or just real estate in general?
I’d love to help! Post a comment with your
question and I’ll get you an answer :-).

Lastly, I am looking for houses to list and sell (inventory is still LOW), so if you know of anyone who has been talking about selling, please let me know!

As always, we appreciate your trust and your referrals. Reach out any time to or 303-204-6494.

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