Four Little Luxuries to Boost Your Home’s Comfort

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Every year, that little snap of fall in the air starts me thinking about being comfy and cozy in my home. This year is no different. I’m already dreaming of hot tea, a good book and fluffy blankets. Those are some of my favorite “little luxuries” that make me feel snuggly and cared-for.

To me, “luxury” doesn’t necessarily mean “expensive.” It has much more to do with creating ease and elegance. Before too long, I was thinking, “What other things could someone do in their home to make it more luxurious?”

Here are some of the ideas I had. They can boost your home’s appeal to buyers (if you’re looking to sell) or simply make you happier while you’re at home. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Add a Coffee Station to Your Master Bedroom or Bathroom

There’s nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning, am I right? What if you didn’t even have to go downstairs to get it? That *would* be a luxury, wouldn’t it? It would almost feel like room service!

Adding a coffee station to your master bedroom or bathroom doesn’t take much effort. All you need is some shelf space and an outlet.

If you have the room for it, you can use a pretty chest of drawers like in the picture above. You’d be surprised what you can find – and how affordable they are – on Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor. A little bit of cleanup and refinishing can really make an old dresser shine. If space or money are tight, you can repurpose a rolling cart like this one from IKEA.

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Relocate a Laundry Room to Where the Clothes Are

Where’s your laundry room? For most people, it’s in the basement. That’s about as far away from where clothes get taken off as you can get! What’s more, as we age, making our way up and down stairs with laundry baskets can become downright unsafe.

How about relocating your laundry room to where the clothes are? Genius, right? What a luxury to be able to take things straight from the dryer and hang them up mere steps away.

This article from Sebring Design l Build l Remodel in Naperville, IL discusses important considerations in moving your laundry area and offers helpful tips on the process. Depending on your home’s layout, it could be easier than you might expect.

Enjoy Fresh Flowers Year-‘Round

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Flowers are one of the best little luxuries as far as I’m concerned. Their only purpose is to be beautiful, smell pretty, and make people smile. 

Could you just buy flowers at your local supermarket or flower shop and arrange them yourself? Of course! But the professionals have the ability to combine flowers in surprisingly gorgeous ways that many of us (myself included) just can’t duplicate. And there’s something special about the surprise of opening the box and being delighted each month.

You can find flower subscriptions in a wide range, from quarterly up to weekly. In most cases, you can choose from several different bouquet sizes to match your budget. One of my favorite local florists is Flowers on the Vine – message me for their info!

Light Up Those Dark Areas

How many times have you reached into the dark recesses of your dresser drawers, fishing around for something you *know* is in there but you can’t see it? Or maybe you’re an early riser who gets dressed in the dark because you don’t want to turn on the overhead light and wake your partner?

Wireless lighting can be a great solution that’s affordable and easy to install. Something like this 12-inch LED wireless under-cabinet light from Home Depot installs in minutes with peel-and-stick adhesive and uses AA batteries.

What Little Luxuries Have You Implemented?

I’m always on the hunt for great ideas and smart solutions. And since I move frequently, I’m always presented with new opportunities, LOL! Please share your tips, tricks, and ideas here.

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